Loinfruit’s Theory Ctd.

I got this email:


I gotta agree with your son.

While I do not believe that the Earth is a creature, let alone sentient, I do believe that there are just too many people on our small planet, and that we’re all out of balance.

Nature (not a personified being, but rather a state of being) attempts to restore the balance as a purely natural occurrence. If the planet gets too warm, storms happen; and storms sufficiently powerful will kill-off an amount of population and restore some of the balance.

The same is true of epidemics: Diseases spread readily in crowded populations. They kill off some of that population and restore balance. It is unfortunate that we keep developing medical interventions which save lives, because the result is that balance isn’t restored, so ever more virulent diseases evolve and spread through the crowd.

Planting trees helps, but much more is needed. Widespread birth control would be the best way to help restore balance among the human population.

Our little island is suffering a plague of deer, because there are no predators to keep them in balance. (We used to have predators, but the early settlers killed them off because they were dangerous to humans.) Hunting is permitted, but too many of our population are horrified at the thought of killing “Bambi.” Therefore, although hunting is permitted, there is no place to hunt. The “Bambi” attitude is actively harmful, since it maintains imbalance.


He’s right.


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