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For years whenever anybody says “Any questions?” I always ask “What’s the capital of Minnesota?” It’s my longest standing joke. I had a cardiologist appointment today for a stress test. The tech asked “Any questions?” and I said “What’s the capital of Minnesota?” He didn’t know. I told him. A lady tech came in and he asked her “What’s the capital of Minnesota?” She didn’t know. He got on the phone to the gal who tells the doctor that I was hooked up and ready for the test. He asked her the same question. She didn’t know. When the doctor came in, the tech asked him. He didn’t know. I told them that they learned that in fifth grade. I asked the gal tech who was her fifth grade teacher. She didn’t remember. My fifth grade teacher was Mrs. Lark, and she was a good one. She taught me that the capital of Minnesota is St. Paul.

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  1. Chris M says:

    I love it, Bud. You are not only the best cartoonist I know, but you are very smart.

    As for me, as Ole says, I gots tu soon oldt andt tu laat schmart. Uf dah, pass the jello salad.

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