I know a lot about religion. I’m sure that many of you do. I was thrown out of quite a few newspapers because certain people thought that I insulted their beliefs. The most egregious occurrence was when the Ontario Star dropped me because of my satire on Osama Ben Laden. The complainers felt that I was insulting Islam. I can understand their objections. Dressing a man in a burka could certainly raise some eyebro¬† OOPS!!! Frau Grace just walked in the door. More tomorrow. By the way I would welcome your comments as this discussio***


Yes Dear?



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3 Responses to Religion

  1. Chris M says:

    OMG Bud, you are opening Pandora’s Box when you make such an invitation. Did you forget that, with the decline of newsprint, that those editors had to look for new jobs? The only opportunity for such men of great mind and sensitivity is the intarwebs, a great network of free sources run and controlled by FAGA.

    Anyway, I would like to say [edited by Facebook]

    And to underscore that statement, [edited by Apple]

    You see, I decidedly believe that [edited by Google]

    So in conclusion, [edited by Amazon]

  2. Andy W says:

    Oh, Chris M has it absolutely correct! Love his answer!

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