Nice Email from Italy

I received it today. The fellow’s name is Lucio. Dear to my heart. The girl I took to my senior prom was Lucio. Her last name, not her first. Anyway Lucio sent me some scanned things from a long time back. Thanks, Lucio.

From 2005. Ernie wants a cup of coffee.

Ain’t it the truth!

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7 Responses to Nice Email from Italy

  1. Lucio says:

    Honored to be quoted in your blog! ^_^
    Great times when Ernie and Piranha Club came in Italy.

  2. T Westerlund says:

    Haha, that is a great joke! From a European perspective, the American Small is extremely Large (at least if we’re talking about sodas at fast food-places, and the like. To get a small Coke in America is simply impossible, as I have discovered.)

    • budgra5_wp says:

      When I was about 13 years old my sister and my cousins and I went down to the soda fountain in Bradenton Beach. My cousin, Jeff, also 13, asked the lady “How much is a nickel coke?” She told him “a dime”.

  3. Fred Brewer says:

    Great to get letters from fans in Europe, but are you getting love notes from Kim Jong Un?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      It was in 2017, my last full year, I had Kim in the strip. I’ll post the story beginning September 11.

      • Fred Brewer says:

        I vaguely recall that arc. Look forward to refreshing the memory.

        How do you resist the temptation to add to/continue those when you re-post them? I could see Zerblat having a role there……..

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