Loinfruit in El Paso

I mentioned that Loinfruit got a job in El Paso. He got his apartment last week, and I sent himĀ  a housewarming card.



I enclosed two dollars.

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3 Responses to Loinfruit in El Paso

  1. Lisa Bulger says:

    That house reminds me of the Douglas farmhouse on ‘Green Acres’.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I loved Green Acres. You can probably see that in my comic strips. The type of humor, I mean.When I was a little boy, in 1947 my old man bought a television. I’ve mentioned this before. I just loved Milton Berle. And most of all, I loved Amos and Andy. I believe that started in 1949. Being a little kid I didn’t know anything about race. All I knew was that those men and women were the funniest people I ever saw.Now look at the humor in my comics. The Piranha Club is kind of like the Mystic Knights of the sea, Sid is kind of like the King Fish, and the humor is very similar. All of it was subconscious. I remember asking my father the year after it ended if Amos and Andy was ever going to come back. He said “No, the King Fish died.” It broke my little heart.

  2. Lisa Bulger says:

    I do read your comments. I LOVED ‘Green Acres’! I used to watch it before going to school. For me, as a fan of silent movies, an added treat watching it were the numerous references to silent and early sound movie stars. I remember one strip that you drew in which Ernie is struggling to put his new computer together and he ends up watching ‘Green Acres’.

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