I know that many people don’t read my comments. But Lisa sent me one that I have to post here. Lisa wrote: That house reminds me of the Douglas farmhouse on ‘Green Acres’.

My response:

I loved Green Acres. You can probably see that in my comic strips. The type of humor, I mean. When I was a little boy, in 1947 my old man bought a television. I’ve mentioned this before. I just loved Milton Berle. And most of all, I loved Amos and Andy. I believe that started in 1949. Being a little kid I didn’t know anything about race. All I knew was that those men and women were the funniest people I ever saw. Now look at the humor in my comics. The Piranha Club is kind of like the Mystic Knights of the sea, Sid is kind of like the King Fish, and the humor is very similar. All of it was subconscious. I remember asking my father the year after it ended if Amos and Andy was ever going to come back. He said “No, the King Fish died.” It broke my little heart.

Tim Moore who played the King Fish was also a professional boxer in his younger days. He fought Jack Johnson.

Mantan Moreland, who is mentioned in that article, was also one of my favorites. He played the character Birmingham Brown in the Charlie Chan films that starred Sidney Toler. They made over 50 Charlie Chan movies, I believe. You can see them on YouTube.

I don’t remember which of these two that I published.

I think “Mom” was better. Check tomorrows strip.

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  1. Andy Wangstad says:

    Yeah – I loved Amos and Andy as well… probably because of my name.
    It was the best! BTW, Fred’s car link was fun. What a gal! I, too, remember the new cars with the sheet over them (and the spy photos taken at the test track). The suspense! Just did a short road trip down the Oregon coast and love to see some of those 1950s cars still on the road.

  2. Lisa Bulger says:

    I agree, ‘Mom’ is better. Isn’t it traditional to have a heart tattoo with the word ‘Mom’ in it?

  3. Lisa Bulger says:

    Not naked – ‘naughty’. And come to think of it, ‘naughty’ sounds funnier – because it’s quaint?

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