Stone Crabs

The stone crab season here in Florida will start in a month or so. The Cortez fishermen are getting their traps ready.

Those are all brand new traps. Cortez is famous for seafood. It’s the one town where most of the Gulf of Mexico fishing boats bring their catch.

Those are old traps along Cortez Road, just before you cross the bridge to Bradenton Beach. They’ve stored them there for years. You may not know this, but when stone crabs are caught, all that’s taken from them is their claws. They regenerate. Stone crab claws are very expensive, even here in Cortez. See the AP Bell Fish Company billboard? They handle almost all the fresh caught fish that come into Cortez. They’ve been in business since I was a boy.

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  1. Maestro says:

    Thanks for this video Bud. Now I don’t have to watch TLC…!!

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