President Un needs my help!

And before anybody tells me that in Korea the surname comes first let me assure you that I know that. His name is really Mr. Kim. By the way, about twenty years ago I had a neighbor named Colonel Kim. Great guy. He was the south Korean Army attache at the embassy. He invited Frau Grace, myself and two of my neighbors to a reception at Fort Meyer, next to Arlington Cemetery. My neighbor, who passed away early this year at age 99, had been a colonel in the US Air Force. I’ve mentioned him before. Did he ever have stories to tell! For example, when the government was looking for a place to build the Air Force Academy he flew Charles Lindbergh around. It was Lindbergh who selected the location. He also flew Bob Hope’s troop around when he entertained the troops. He was quite a guy.

At Fort Meyer he took me aside and said “See all these people? They’re all spies.” I told him he was nuts, and a few minutes later the secret service came in and dragged one of the Koreans away for spying. It made all the papers.

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