There was a good article in BBC online news this morning. Here is the link: Flygskam

In English it’s “flight shaming” and it has to do with the carbon footprint of airplanes. If you read the article it explains it nicely. It’s a movement that started in Sweden, but it’s gaining traction elsewhere. You people in Europe are fortunate because you have wonderful train service. Here in the States it’s not so good. There are relatively few cross country passenger trains. Frau Grace and I often take the train from Sanford, Florida up to Lorton, Virginia and back. We get a little compartment. It’s a pleasant way to travel. We take a bottle of wine and enjoy ourselves. When I was a little boy my mother would take me on the trolley in Wilmington, Delaware. That’s where she grew up. When they started tearing up the tracks in the cities all over the county, even as a child I knew it was a big mistake. Cities are starting to realize that now. Washington D.C. has rebuilt one trolley line. That’s good. When I first moved there in 1979 we lived near a defunct trolley line, some of the tracks were still there. You might know that, like Ernie, I’m a lifelong, pathetic, unabashed tree hugger. I’m all for reducing our carbon emissions, and that goes hand in hand with tree hugging. Remember that photo I posted when I was 28 months old when my mother dressed me up like a little girl? That was in 1946. (I’m still carrying that baggage around. You young mothers, never do that to your little boys.) She posed me in front of her flower garden. Later, in the autumn of that year, she took me out to her garden and began to cut the flowers. I knew that would kill them, and I started crying. I told her to stop, but she explained that a frost was coming and all the flowers would die. Geeze, that just about broke my little tree hugging heart.

In my original strips in this story I wrote “Prease” instead of “Please”, and “Exackry”. My editors didn’t like that much.

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  1. T Westerlund says:

    Yes, ‘flygskam’ is very much in vogue here in Sweden right now. Other types of ‘skam’ (shame) also get a lot of media coverage, most notably ‘k├Âttskam’ (meat shame; there are those who claim that all meat eaters should be ashamed of themselves, because evidently it is a global problem that cows fart too much. Myself, I reserve the right to doubt whether that is really one of the major global problems, cows farting.) And, sadly, Sweden is full of extremists, that like to take things to the most absurd extremes (which is to say that Sweden is not unlike the US in that respect). The reason I mention that is because I have also heard ‘barnskam’ mentioned (child shame). When people tell me I should feel ashamed for having had kids, in other words, for having helped multiply humankind, I feel they ought to receive a proper beating. If they want to talk about barnskam why don’t they go and do that in countries where families have 10 children each? In Sweden, most families have 2 or 3 children (and that is not a problem, not here, anyway, it is a big country with a low population density).

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Well, it’s true that cows farts are greenhouse gases. Years ago I posted a video on YouTube about that. I’ll see if I can find it post it here. One thing about Sweden is that they have a low birth rate. Perhaps that’s why in the past they admit so many immigrants. I’m not sure that’s such a good thing for Swedish culture. Many readers know how fond I am of the Swedish lifestyle and the Swedish people. I’d love to live there. In the summertime, I mean.

  2. Fred Jarka says:

    Population worries? Fun Calculation: 7.7billion people on Earth. Just for illustration purposes give each person 4sqft: 3.08E10 sqft needed = 1104.80 sqmi. Rhode Island has 1033.81 sqmi so to just 2digits, RI is short about 100sqmi to host every man woman and child on Earth. Hmmm, I’m not sure we’re overpopulated. Of course reality requires acreage per person for food. That calculation is extremely varied depending on whether you wish everyone to be self sustaining(lotsa acreage) or live in community with each doing one task like we do now(one guy raises wheat, one eggs, etc.).

    Go ahead, get China to jump up and down to try to shake the planet. It’ll be good exercise for them.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate whom some of you not in the USA may not know about, when asked the other day said that the United States should provide access to birth control in the third world countries where we provide medical assistance. We used to do it, but the current administration ended that policy. He was attacked with the allegation that he was being racist. Many of these poor people can’t feed themselves now as it is. I believe that the greatest problem the world faces is that there are too many of us. Population growth cannot continue to go unabated indefinitely without dire consequences for us and the Earth. I told you before what Loinfruit believes about the Earth having a strange consciousness. She knows she is sick , and she’s trying to cure herself.

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