I read an article today about aluminum cookware and foil that is used in cooking. The word may be finally getting out. You may remember about ten years ago two professors first reported aluminum in the brains of people with dementia. About  four months later they said they were probably mistaken. Right. They’re probably millionaires now. Aluminum is a BIG industry. The connection between  aluminum in the brain and dementia is well established. You can google aluminum and the brain, and there are lots of web sites. Always be careful and consider that many of those sites may be sponsored by people with vested interests in denying the connection. It’s like scientists who claim that greenhouse gas emissions have nothing to do with global warming. How many of those work for the fossil fuel industry?

For years I have been warning people about the dangers of cooking with aluminum. I never never never never do it. Acidic food is especially bad when prepared in aluminum cookware, and the reason is obvious. Don’t do it. If you have aluminum pots, throw them out. My mother cooked in aluminum pots all her life, at least from the time I showed up, and she had terrible dementia for the last twenty years of her life.


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  1. Chris M says:

    Gosh, now I’d better discard my aluminum foil hat! What is a safe substitute I can wear to prevent Grelzakian brain scans and other rays such as wifi that are so prevalent today?

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