OK, I’ll Explain

Two posts ago I mentioned my friend Dag, the “Editor” for those of you who read Pyton in Norway when you were perverted pubescent teenagers. That film clip was from the “B” movie, Glen or Glenda? from 1952, with Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood. When the movie Ed Wood came out in 1994, which is a terrific movie by the way, Dag loved it when Martin Landau who played Lugosi said “Pull the string” in his Hungarian accent. It’s a real bad movie as were all of Ed Wood’s films. But it’s pretty much a consensus that the worst film ever made was Ed Wood’s Plan Nine from Outer Space. You probably know that. Over the years I’ve tried to watch it three times, and I just can’t stay awake. Ed Wood was not only the world’s worst film maker, he was a transvestite. I think he pretty much played himself in the movie. One burning question which has always bothered me is who the heck would ever hire him to make a film?

Robert R. sent me an email concerning my comments about cow flatulence:

They are organic just like shit and therefore must be good for the earth. Also I remember reading not long ago that smelling farts is good for you as the H2S in small quantities seems to help prevent cancer. I am not making this shit up.

Best regards
Robert R

Thank you, Robert for that fascinating pearl of information.

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