My vacation

Heeee’s back! And I told you that you’re going to suffer with slides of my vacation. But I’m also suffering from a touch of cruiseskam. (That’s the nautical version of flygskam, which I told you about a couple weeks ago) Yes, Frau Grace et moi, along with four of our friends went to Bermuda, photos to follow. But before we went we put our house on the Chesapeake up for sale. It should be listed in a week or so. I’ve shown photos of the place before. But here are some shots I took when I was up there…

Here’s a view of the water from that part of the roof that’s kind of flat:

The boat belongs to a neighbor. I got rid of the hunk of poop boat that I owned a couple years ago.

Vacation slides start maƱana.

Here’s a Sunday from October 2, 1994. You might remember that I don’t have the color files from early strips. Sorry.

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