Cruise to Bermuda Part 1

You know what’s worse than slides of somebody else’s vacation? ans: Movies of somebody else’s vacation. If you’ve never taken a cruise, here’s what your in for. Talk about fun! First night aboard:

Those two girls in the first contest clip – The one picking up the ping pong balls was a bride to be, and the one bouncing the balls into the bucket was one of her bridesmaids. The bride had about a dozen bridesmaids with her along with her mother and the mother of the groom. They were delightful. And they had such a great time. More about them later. By the way, the groom to be and his buddies were in South Carolina in a cabin in the woods. I’d rather be a bridesmaid on a cruise than spend a week in a cabin in the woods in South Carolina with a bunch of twenty year old men.

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