Beautiful Downtown Bermuda

Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. That’s where we docked at the east end. There’s an old fort there. I wanted to stick a toe in the water, but it cost 5 bucks. Geeze! The following photos are from the fort area.

The phones work.

The population of Bermuda is about 65,ooo. Housing is very expensive. A modest middle class house like those below will cost about 1.5 Million. I took this next picture on the van taking us to Hamilton.All the structures are designed with hurricanes in mind. They laugh at hurricanes. The people get their drinking water mainly from rain running off their specially designed roofs. As you can see, it was raining at the time.

This is Hamilton, one of the two cities.

We had a real nice lunch in Hamilton at a place called The Onion right there about three buildings down on the main street. It was reasonably priced.

These houses on the water will cost you at least 3 million bucks.

We now say goodbye to the lovely islands of Bermuda.

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