The Answer is #2

Bill is a personal friend of mine. He’s a terrific guy. I saw Herblock at the memorial for Charles Schultz in Washington shortly after he died. He was in his late 90’s at that time and he said that he wanted to keep cartoons for another ten years. He died not long after that. It was at that same time I met James Kilpatrick and had a nice conversation. What a gentleman he was. I also saw and chatted with Hillary Clinton at that event. It was the second time I had met her. If you don’t remember Herblock, he was the long time political cartoonist for the Washington Post. He never gave away his originals, but I own two newspaper plates of his cartoons. Here’s one of them.

Here’s the next challenge. It’s a tough one.

OK, It’s Halloween. Prepare to poop in your pants in terror!

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