Freedom from Want

Gary E sent me an email about the Norman Rockwell painting that I featured last week. He filled me in on some details about the original painting. He wrote:

Rockwell’s wife Mary is in this painting, and the family cook, Mrs. Thaddeus Wheaton,[18] is serving the turkey, which the Rockwell family ate that day.[19] The nine adults and two children depicted were photographed in Rockwell’s studio and painted into the scene later.[20][21] The models are (clockwise from Wheaton) Lester Brush, Florence Lindsey, Rockwell’s mother Nancy, Jim Martin, Mr. Wheaton, Mary Rockwell, Charles Lindsey, and the Hoisington children.

I always thought that Rockwell wasn’t given the respect he deserved. I believe was a great artist. Critics don’t respect humor. You can’t look at a Rockwell painting without smiling. I think he had a rare gift. Name another artist who could put such happy emotions into a painting. In my opinion he was the best at it, at least the best I ever saw.

This week I’m posting stand alone gags from this time in 2000. This first one happens to be among my most favorite gags. Toward the end of my run I redrew it as a Sunday.

Here is the Sunday version from 12-17-2017

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