Autographs #3

You Swede’s will appreciate this one:

I posted Jaokim’s autograph because I really love his work. I met him on my first visit to Sweden. That was over thirty years ago. He was a young man, and I was really impressed with his artwork. It was at a book fair, probably Göteborg. He was there with his buddies, dressed in their robes and fezzes, smoking pipes, playing with toy cars and drinking martinis.  Here is the pocket patch he gave me. Wouldn’t you love to have one:

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2 Responses to Autographs #3

  1. K-Å Persson says:

    BUD007 is a actual registerplate number in Sweden, but the car is an Chevrolet:

    Chevrolet Impala Conv
    A white convertible of 1958 model year that is in traffic. The gearbox is automatic and the engine is at 249hp and powered by gasoline. The vehicle is imported.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Is there a photo? The biggest car I ever owned was a 196 9 Mercury Marquis convertible. A true land yacht. I recall 365 hp and 369 cubes. I could be wrong, but I’m not far off. I loved that car. I think I paid $400 for it.

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