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I’ve finally updated the Books page with the info about all the books that are available. If you emailed me about them, you should be hearing from Frau Grace soon. Meanwhile, I will order a bunch of books to sign and sketch in. We’ll find out what the cost is and pass the information on. Don’t feel obligated. We will do our best to get the books to you by Christmas. I’m not sure that the overseas books will make it on time, but we’ll try.






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  1. Greg Fink says:

    Hey, glad to hear more books are available and I am ordering a batch today. Got to keep up with the collection. An idea on signing. Recently I bought an autographed book online from Waterstones in the UK. They sent me the book and included inside was a sticker with the autograph of the writer. You know, kind of like a book label that people used to use that said ex-libris and so forth. But instead it was a nice design with a large blank space with the autograph and a best wishes. Maybe something like that would work for those of us who want to get your autograph but don’t want to ship the book to you. Might be cheaper production and mailing wise as well.
    Just a thought and looking forward to reading more of the collections.

    Best, Greg.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Greg, you should have emailed me. I just ordered a bunch of books for people and I’m going to sign them and send them. If you can cancel that order I’ll do the same for you. If not, when you get the books you can send them to me and I’ll sign them and send them back. Email me first.

  2. Chris M says:

    I will pay the premium to have the books inscribed by my favorite cartoonist. I’m old-school.

    Well duh, buying dead tree books. When we all die in 11-1/2 years from climate change, 10 million years from now cavemen will find my books and laugh their heads off.

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