Terns and Ibis

Two weeks ago – You might know that I’m a bird fancier.

I believe that little bird in the first clip was a least sandpiper. The terns are Forster’s terns. There are a lot of them around here. Many more than when I was a boy. That one tern tried to swallow a fish that was too big. The ibis eat the bugs under the grass. I wish they’d eat my chinch bugs. I recently hired a lawn service. They will kill the bugs, but you wonder about the runoff and the fish. It’s hell being a tree-hugger.

Ibis are really neat birds. You probably know that the white ibis is represented in the Egyptian God, Thoth. It’s not the same species but very similar.

I ordered the books this morning plus a few extra. If you asked for one, Frau Grace will contact you. The cost will be the 20% discounted price plus the pro rata cost to ship it to me plus the tax plus the cost to ship it to you. She’ll let you know. I think.

Here’s an old story from 1990. I used to know people like Basil and Felicia. A little story about Felicia: Her name was Felicia Gomez.When she first appeared, my syndicate received three nasty letters from women all named Felicia Gomez. One time many years ago the same thing happened to Mort Walker. He made up a name, and a lady with that name sued him. Luckily another reader who had the same name wrote him a fan letter. When the trial came up up, Mort’s lawyer called his witness of the same name. What a nice payback.

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