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That article about Arild Midthun that I linked yesterday also mentions Tormod L√łkling, Terje Nordberg whom I mentioned Tuesday, and Dag Kolstad. Every comics fan in Norway knows who Dag is. On my first trip to Oslo my group went to the ski lift in Oslo, Holmenkollbakken. Incidentally, Terje’s father was a famous Norwegian ski jumper. He wanted Terje to follow in his footsteps. If you’ve ever been to the top of a ski jump, it’s mighty scary. Terje was just a boy and his dad took him up to jump. Terje said he was scared to death. His father was disappointed. Terje is a brilliant man. Besides being a terrific cartoonist, artist and editor, he is also a respected historian. Here are some of his publications. He was also my editor at Bladkompaniet in Norway. But the story I wanted to tell was about Tormud. We were in the big restaurant on the top of Holmenkollbakken. In the lobby was a big mounted moose head. Tormud pointed out that moose was on the menu. I turned his joke into a strip.

That was one of the very few times that I ever let somebody write a joke for me. The only other time I can think of was the Jimmy Durante joke which he told on my favorite record when I was a little kid, G’wan Home Yer Mudder’s Calling. Here’s that joke: Jimmy says “When I was a kid my father was so tough he could stop a cold in your head from going to your chest without using medicine. He tied a knot in your neck.” Very funny. I laugh every time I think of it. Jimmy got started in movies when talkies first started. He was partnered with Buster Keaton. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that my father worked for Buster back in the silent picture days. And another thing you might not know, Jimmy had a radio program in the mid to late 1940’s. His girl singer was no other than Peggy Lee. She was very young and she had the most beautiful voice you ever heard. Gary Moore also got started on that show.


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