Little Lulu

Lulu might have been my favorite comic book. And this was when I was a young man. I bought lots of Lulu comics.

Lulu was created by Marjorie Buell, and the single panel cartoon appeared in the Saturday Evening Post for years. But the comic book was written and drawn by John Stanley. Here’s some background. To my way of thinking, his writing was as good as it gets. His characters were marvelous. Lulu Moppet, of course, and her main antagonist Tubby Tompkins. Then the supporting characters were Iggy and his sister Annie, Eddie, Willie, plus the little boy Alvin, Lulu’s parents and then occasional appearances by pretty Gloria and Rollo the rich kid.

In every comic there was also a story about Witch Hazel, her little witch sidekick Little Itch, and the scarecrow boy.

The stories were marvelous: The boy’s club with no girls allowed, that deserted Island in the park where Tubby always seemed to get lost, detective Tubby who called himself the Spider… I could go on and on, but it would be a very long essay.

You also got special offers, I mean WOW!

Of course that stuff you could get from almost any comic. But could you buy a DIAMOND RING?!!!

Great stuff. No wonder I love comics.

Ernie should give up trying to outclass Basil.

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  1. Syd Schatzker says:

    I still have my comic books dating back to the late 1940’s. Loved Superman and Batman as well. Little Lulu was published by Dell Comics back then. Even Archie comics were quite funny back then. Lots of slapstick humour. I loved all the adds; but never had the nerve (and probably) the cash to cut out the coupon and mail it in.

    In retrospect, the Polaris nuclear sub for $6.98 looks like a good deal.

    Always wanted X-ray vision specs. At my age; nah!

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