Other comics I really liked

When I was a little kid I bought little kid comics, Donald, Mickey, stuff like that. My sister, with her allowance money always bought Tarzan for sure and usually cowboy comics. When I grew up (?) I bought Tarzan…

I read Burroughs’ novel The Jewels of Opar when I was a teenager, and I just read it again this past year. Edgar Rice Burroughs was a fantastic writer. His Mars books were really great.

Popeye was good, but not nearly as good as Segar’s newspaper Popeye.

Remember when Mad Magazine was parodies? I loved it back then. They changed to the magazine format, and it was never as good. Marvel had their own:


And DC’s answer:

And finally two comics I really liked. The writing was terrific in both of these. Melvin Monster:

And Herbie Popnecker, the Fat Fury:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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