Comic Book Ads

The comic publishers did their best to separate little kids from their allowances.

I always wanted a pair of those x-ray specs. Wow! you could see through ladies’ clothes! How about the surprise package? Only a dollar!¬† Those tiny cameras were always on sale. I saw one one time. Maybe my sister bought it. It didn’t work too good. Blackhead remover? Gotta have it! A real live lizard? You could buy monkeys, alligators and chihuahuas so tiny they could sit in a tea cup. You could buy an army jeep for $60! One thing I remember having, I think my sister my must have ordered it, was a little thing that you lit and it turned into a black worm. Wow!

When Loinfruit was little he was reading my comics, and he wanted one of those cardboard Nautilus submarines. I don’t blame him. I wanted one when I was a kid too. Trouble was I spent all my money buying comic books. No way I could afford a submarine.

Some of you may remember that one time Arnold wanted a pet, so he ordered one of those  sea monkey kits. The guy who started that and was still selling them saw the story, and he sent me a kit which I still have. He made a pretty good living selling sea monkeys.

Marvel had it down good. They were so clever. In that Not Brand Echhh! comic I posted on Wednesday there was this two page ad:

Wow! Five giant room size murals for only $5326.43!


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