More Lulu

Last week I raved on about what a terrific comic book Little Lulu was. Dr. Fang sent me this link to this recent New Yorker article. Thanks, Fang.

Can anybody identify this little bird I saw in the mangroves? I never saw anything quite like it. I know the photo is bad. He had a very long slender beak like a sandpiper. I have a nice app on my IPhone, Peterson’s Field Guide. If you like birds, it’s nice to carry with you. I used to carry my my hard copy Peterson’s. It’s falling apart. I’ve had it for about 45 years.

I should have all the books that people ordered in the mail no later than Tuesday.

Here’s one from this time in 2006:

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2 Responses to More Lulu

  1. Tom Thomas says:

    My reasonably good guess is a ruddy ground-dove

    • budgra5_wp says:

      We have Mexican ground doves around here. But that’s not it. When I was in 5th grade, Mrs. Phelps, our school principal, took some of our class bird watching. She pointed to a bird and asked “Does anyone know what that bird is?” Straight away I answered :A Mexican ground Dove!” She told the rest of the children “Now this little boy is paying attention!” I was very proud of myself. I’ve been watching birds all my life.

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