Did I miss posting yesterday?

Very sorry. I was at the bar drinking with my best buddy, Fred. We’ve been close friends since 5th grade when he moved to Florida from Indiana. One day we kids were waiting in line at the back of the classroom to wash our hands. I think we had been finger painting. Linda Brown was hogging the sink for what seemed like forever. Finally Freddy yelled “Move it or milk it!”  I thought that was the funniest thing I ever heard. We’ve been friends ever since. But we did go through quite a few years without being in contact. Fred’s wife wasn’t very fond of me. I don’t blame her. This was about 45 years ago. They were living in Tennessee, and I hadn’t seen him in ten or twelve years. I bought a case of beer and stopped by. We both got pretty limp. She wasn’t too happy about that. I hit the sack about 2 AM. Around 4 AM I woke up and the bed was on fire. No lie. Any guess how it happened? I didn’t smoke.

Here’s yesterday’s and today’s…

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