Lars Mortimer

I just found this among my pictures.

  When Lars died I drew this comic strip for his memorial. He was well loved in Scandinavia. A wonderful cartoonist. I’ve posted the painting that he sent to me shortly before his passing. Here it is again.

If you don’t know who Lars was, click here.   And here.

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4 Responses to Lars Mortimer

  1. T Westerlund says:

    Yes, Lars Mortimer is well known here in Sweden, and his comics loved by many. His first comic, Bobo (1978-1990) was a children’s comic about Bobo, a kind of troll. When the Bobo comic book was discontinued, Mortimer started his next comic, Hälge, which is focused on the yearly moose hunt (which is a big event in the northern half of Sweden). Hälge continues to be produced by Egmont Publishing (to which Mortimer sold the rights to the comic in 2015).

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Well loved. The most widely published strip in Sweden for a number of years.

      • T Westerlund says:

        Actually I saw on the internet that the rights to Hälge were sold to Egmont Publishing the year after Mortimer’s death, so it must have been his kids who sold them. Or possibly his wife.

        • budgra5_wp says:

          Egmont owns just about everything in Scandinavia. Including me, I think. Originally in Norway I was published by Bladkompaniet. They were great. Terje Nordberg, the comics editor and a very talented man, and I became good friends. In Sweden My first comic book appearance was in Pandora. Peter Sparring, one of the publishers, and I became good friends.

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