I spent all day trying to balance my darn ceiling fan.

Hey! Not bad!

I think I must have used this gag at least three times over the years. It’s hard to remember over 12,o000 comic strips.

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  1. Chris M says:

    There really is only one way to balance your fan, Bud. Get a ladder. Cut the power. Lower the canopy and undo the wire nuts. Unhook it, take it down and somehow clamp it so that the blades are vertical and can spin freely. Clean the blades thoroughly to remove all grease and dust. Number the blades on the top side. Then spin it. The heaviest blade will consistently come to rest on the bottom.

    Take a penny and tape it across from the heavy blade. Start at the outside. With a five-bladed fan, you will have to do the two blades.

    If it has no effect, double up, or use heavier coins. Maybe you are an angler and have fishing weights?

    If it’s too much weight, then move the penny (pennies) to the halfway point and try again. The closer to the hub, the less effect the weight has on the blade balance.

    When your spins are inconsistent, you are almost done. Fix each weight with Gorilla Glue after spraying with a little water. If you use the Instant, it will go off in five minutes. The Regular takes forever, so that means you can crack a beer and abandon the project till the next day.

    Rehang the fan, do the wire nuts, slide the canopy back in place, but do not fall off the ladder. Job well done!

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