I can’t believe it!

I stayed up past midnight. Whew!

I made some terrific chili yesterday for New Years Eve dinner. I had 4 different kinds of peppers. Mighty tasty!

Robert R sent me an email with pictures of some of the peppers he grew in his back yard…

He grew those oranges and lemons too. Now I know those peppers. They’re pretty spicy. But the story is about his dog who loves to eat hot peppers. She kept seating them off the bush.

Nice looking pooch. It reminded about my Jack Russell, Jet, when she was a puppy. She occasionally enjoyed a light snack after dumping a load. I figured how I’d break the nasty habit. I took a bottle of Tabasco with me and liberally enhanced the flavor while the tidbits were still steaming. You should have seen the tears running down her little dog cheeks. Didn’t slow her down a bit.

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