Buzzard Bay

This is when Greg and I were fishing yesterday. This is at the north end of Perico Island. 5 years ago is was pristine. Now it’s uglied up with cookie cutter duplexes and such. At the Manatee Avenue Bridge going to Anna Maria Island is where it starts. There is a huge ugly boat house there. And just about to open is a One Particular Harbor, Jimmy Buffett, you know. I’ll get some pictures. When you look at the mangroves where the buzzards are you can see that they’ve been trimmed to six feet. That’s an improvement over the old days when they just totally destroyed them. They would dig canals through the mangroves, dredge and throw them and the bottom sand and mud what was to become the land. That was fifty-five years ago or so. Now the houses on those canals, in particular, Flamingo
Cay, those houses are sinking as the debris had settled and rotted. I have a friend who has had to put huge screws down though his floor into the bedrock.

Ok, I messed up yesterday. Here’s what I should have posted:

This next one appeared December 19 of the same year, 1990. It was part of my Christmas story. Sid was in competition with the Salvation Army. Tomorrow’s strip was a flashback to it.

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