Krazy Kat

Pretty much agreed upon by newspaper strip cognoscenti, George Herriman’s Krazy Kat was the quintessential comic strip. It was perfect in its avant garde simplicity. It was never popular. Years ago I read in Bill Griffith’s strip Zippy the Pinhead, that it appeared at most in about 45 newspapers. But it had one very important fan. William Randolph Hearst. I don’t know how many papers Hearst had, but it probably appeared in all of them. It began as a throw away strip on the bottom of his Dingbat Family. In 1935 Hearst introduced color, and that was when Herriman really blosso0med. I spoke of Cliff Sterrett’s surrealism. Herriman and he stand head and shoulders above all other cartoonists in that art form. This is the first in a series of Krazy Kat collections published by Kitchen Sink.

 This is from 1935. Notice that the girl is holding a Krazy doll:

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