Winsor McCay

Winsor McCay was one of the giants of early comic strips. He began around the turn of the century with several strips. One titled Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend was something of a precursor to his most famous creation in that it was about weird dreams. Little Nemo in Slumberland was his tour de force. It had to do with a little boy, Nemo, in which his dreams would take him to wonderful places with unusual (to say the least) characters and fantastic events. I have a Nemo comic strip hanging on my wall which I bought 40 years ago.

The book is by Fantagraphis. Rick Marschall, the editor,  gave me this book in 1992 when we were in Angoulême, France.

Here’s a sample page:

Winsor McCay also made the very first animated films, Gertie the Dinosaur being the best known. Read about McCay in his Wikipedia article. He was an absolute genius.


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