The Katzenjammer Kids

Rudolph Dirks created the strip in 1897. Read about it. In 1912 Dirks took a break and Hearst hired Harold Knerr to draw it. Dirks came back and a lawsuit ensued, a lawsuit with very important ramifications for creative artists. The courts said that the original copyright holder owned the strip and the title, but not the characters. So Dirks started a rival strip titledĀ  Hans and Fritz and later The Captain and the Kids for a different syndicate. I don’t own the copyrights to my comic strips, but I own the characters. King Features also owns rights to my name. They can use it anywhere they please. This isn’t so important for me, but can you imagine what if some syndicate owned somebody’s name like Walt Disney? Artists usually get the short end of the stick.

This Dirks Hans and Fritz is from 1918:

Knerr from 1932

Back in 1999 Arnold became a professional wrestler. He also made an appearance in 2000. This is from 2001. Incidentally, I used to be a wrestling fan. That was a while back. Nowadays there’s something about it that doesn’t interest me. I saw Hulk Hogan wrestle Andre the Giant twice.

I believe that Jay Scruggs inked this story for me. He was tremendously talented. I’ve mentioned him before.

I apologize for using the “M” word. I didn’t realize that many people find it offensive.

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