Billy DeBeck

Of course Billy created the strip Barney Google. He was one of the real giants in cartooning. I was a big fan as a kid. I loved his style. Read about him and Barney and Sparkplug.  Billy moved in high society. He was a big star. Back in the early days newspaper strips were tremendously popular. They made movies based on them. Radio shows as well. I listen to the old Jungle Jim Radio show and the Dick Tracy Show. There was also a Terry and the Pirates radio program. They made a ton of Blondie movies. There was even a hit song about Barney in 1923.  I found some animated cartoons as well. Sparkplug.  And Tetched in the Head.

In 1923 Billy hired Fred Lasswell who took over the strip when Billy died. It gradually became Snuffy Smith. I’ll tell you about Fred later this week or next.

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  1. Robert R says:

    She was just following the script. Wait for the rematch next week.

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