Hi there. I’ve been installing a safety rail on my hot tub. Ity’s never as easy as it looks. I found the paint in my garage. Close but no Macanuda.

 I had to do it. Two old people have fallen in the swimming pool trying to get out. Thank God they didn’t sue me. I’ll finish tomorrow.


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7 Responses to Saturday

  1. Tom says:

    Good idea. We had grab bars installed in both bathrooms. Sux getting old. 😉

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I finally got the damn thing installed. We’ve been in this house almost three years. Twice I’ve had elderly people fall into the swimming pool as they were trying to get out of the hot tub. Thank god neither was injured. Loinfruit bought one of those rubber bathtub mats for me. He’s right. The older you get the more dangerous it becomes.

  2. Henrik says:

    Well, as I said to my mom when she complained about getting old: The alternative is worse.

    She’s 93.

  3. Robert R says:

    Mrs Van Der Blort face looks like a cow with horns. Interesting social commentary.

  4. Robert R says:

    It’s kinda udderly disgusting.

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