Smokey Stover

Somebody mentioned Smokey Stover. When I was a kid it was one of my favorite comic strips, probably because it was so crazy, even a kid could understand it. It was full of stupid puns which mainly appeared in pictures on either the wall of Smokey’s house or at the firehouse. Smokey was a fireman. The main characters were Smokey, the fire chief, Smokey’s wife and his cat named Spooky. Incidentally, when I was a boy, we had a cat named Spooky. The strip was super silly. This is the entry from Brian Walker’s (Mort Walker’s son) The Comics from 1945 published by Abrams.

Smokey was only a Sunday feature, but his work also appeared in comic book form. I seem to remember having one when I was little. Here are a couple colored Sundays that I found on the web:

You can buy these. The guy has 16 Here’s the link

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