My dear sainted mother…

made this.

Notice the dead frog and the desiccated sea horses. The fossil sharks teeth are from Venice Beach I think. Whenever there is a rough storm there it uncovers them. And notice the six pointed starfish. Those two round things in the middle are sand dollars. They’re all over the place down here.To the left of the large sand dollar are little doves. The are from the middle of a sand dollar when you break it open. I’ll see if I can find a write up of The Legend of the Sand Dollar. It has to do with Jesus.

Since we lived on an island in Florida, and back in those old days the beaches were covered with shells it was easy to do. You can’t imagine how deep the piles of shells were. Since those days they’ve replenished the beach at least twice. When they do that they pump in sand from a several hundred feet off shore. The beaches on Anna Maria Island are now very wide. But when they did that they killed just about all the little critters that live along the tide lines. And they covered up all the shells that once lined the beach.

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