Here’s good advice

Here’s good advice from my friend, Dr. Fang in Seattle. He is a renowned pulmonary specialist:

CNN Article

Dr. Fang was a founding member of the Piranha Club when he lived in Philadelphia.


Too bad Dr. Pork is retired. He could handle our current situation. This is from this month in 2001…..

You know why the first three panels are what we call throw-away panels, right?


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3 Responses to Here’s good advice

  1. Chris Brits says:

    Dr Fang’s advice makes perfect sense.

  2. Andy W says:

    Excellent advice that I have not seen before. Thanks.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Dr. Fang knows whereof he speaks. He probably knows even more than I know. About medicine, I mean. I’m the expert on everything else. Remember last May when I posted the video of the golden eagle fighting with the bald eagle. That was taken on the beach on Puget Sound in frond of his house.

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