My glasses

Last week I commented on how my glasses all seem to disappear and then magically gather? I posted a picture of them gathered on my night stand.

Now look.

Somebody explain to me where they go. It’s like socks.

This terrible situation that we all find ourselves in reminded me of the epidemic back in 1954 when the dreaded lurgy struck Great Britain. Here’s an old radio clip:

Some of you might recognize Peter Sellers, Spike Mulligan and Harry Secombe from the Goon Show.

Here’s a week of stand alone gags from 1994…


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6 Responses to My glasses

  1. Robert R says:

    How about giving us the date of the original publication?

  2. Skip Intro says:

    How about $200 for the Kleenex

  3. Divad says:

    I haven’t heard much Goon Show, but I’ve heard the Lurgy. Very surreal.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Lurgy Strikes Britain Is one of the funniest of the Goon shows. It’s from 1954. Another of my favorites is The Canal. There’s another great one, I can’t recall the title, but in it Neddie has to drink Loch Ness. If you have never listened to the Goon Show, you can get it as an app. The app also has Hancock’s Half Hour. The Brits know about the Goons and Tony Hancock. It’s very funny radio from the 1950’s. I first listened to it back in Tallahassee 45 years ago. My favorite characters were Henry Crun (Spike Mulligan) and Minnie Bannister (Peter Sellers) Here’s a clip:

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