How to make spaghetti

I put together a little video:

Buddy Makes Spaghetti

If you watched the video, I had the proportions wrong. Use two cups of flour and 1 cup of warm water.


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10 Responses to How to make spaghetti

  1. Lisa B. says:

    We have to sign in to view it as it’s a private video.

  2. Andy @ says:

    How do we see a private video?

  3. Anders Bolager says:

    The video shows up as private even when I am signed in to Youtube 🙁

  4. T Westerlund says:

    Here is a factoid that someone might find interesting: the word ’uncle’ is not specific enough for us here in Scandinavia (and neither are ‘aunt’, ‘grandfather’, ‘grandmother’), we want to know ON WHICH SIDE of the family an uncle, aunt, etc. is to be found. But for some reason, the translation ‘farbror’ ( seems to be the standard one when translating from English. Which has created no end of trouble in the Donald Duck-universe (since those that from the beginning were assumed to be farbröder (plural), have turned out to be morbröder ( So uncle Sid is ‘farbror Sid’ here in Sweden. But considering that he and Ernie have different last names, it would be reasonable to suspect that he really ought to be ‘morbror Sid’. (And perhaps we should in this context also bring up cousin Sven from Sweden, who I assume is neither called Floyd nor Fernwilter. So, on whose side of the family is he, Ernie’s father’s or mother’s? )

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Sid has to be Ernie’s mother’s brother. It’s a problem because neither Ernie’s mother nor father ever appeared. I’m sure they’re not dead though. Perhaps they moved away just to get out of Bayonne. Of course Ernie has a sister who appeared once. And his grandfather is Sid’s father, because his last name is Fernwilter. Ernie’s mother was the daughter of Grandpa Fernwilter as well. You’ve also met Ernie’s grandmother who is Sid’s mother

      • T Westerlund says:

        Oh, Ernie’s sister? I don’t think I remember that story (or perhaps I’ve never seen it, who knows). Could you show it to us here in the blog? Pretty please? Perhaps Ernie’s parents are among those people who have managed to make it out of New Jersey. 😀

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