Did I ever show you a picture of Loinfruit? Here he was 30 years ago. I took care of him while Frau Grace worked.


Here he is now.


From 1995. I don’t have the color file.

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9 Responses to Loinfruit

  1. Robert R says:

    Is he housebroken?

  2. Anna Page says:

    He looks like Steve Dallas!

  3. Anna Page says:

    With a beard.

  4. Marc(oskark) Thorner says:

    Hope all is well up there, Bud. Holding my own down here in Naples…

  5. T Westerlund says:

    An educated guess on my part is that he is called Robert. Would that be correct? (I remember that you have written earlier about how you are called Robert, that you have two cousins called Robert, and that your sister is called Roberta. So, ‘Robert’ would seem like the educated guess.)

    • Gary says:

      Allen Robert Grace

      • budgra5_wp says:

        Loinfruit’s real name is Allen Ryan Grace. He hates his middle name. I don’t like my name much at all. My middle name is Sutton, that’s my mother’s maiden name. My first name is Robert, but my father was Robert, called “Bud”. He was Big Bud and I was Little Bud. I always hated beinf called Bud. But now as I look back on my life, “Buddy” fits me perfectly. That’s what people name their dogs.

  6. Andy@ says:

    Most likely Allen

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