Lisa B writes that she just bought an Italian Ernie book on ebay. She sent me some photos.

That’s an old book. That article in there also appeared in a Scandinavian magazine as I recall. When I was in Italy 30 or so years ago I came across several Ernie publications. I made very little money from Italian sales. And I suspect that it was because somebody else was taking home the lire.

Speaking of books, I’ve finally competed the insides of all the Ernie daily collections. That is, I’ve completed the strips. I still have to write prefaces, the legal stuff and make the covers. I’ve also reformatted the first three books so that they conform with the four strip per page format of the later books. There are 15 books total. The first volume has 1988, 1989 1nd 1990. The last volume has 2017 and a bit more. That was because I started in the middle, and I had intended to work one more year than I did.

I’d like some input. Do you think I should change the cover?

This is one of my favorite Spencer gags…

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3 Responses to Italy

  1. Lisa B. says:

    Have you any ideas for a new cover that you could describe to us, or show us? I like the current cover but I would be interested to know what you have in mind.

  2. Victor says:

    I like the current cover, too…

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I’m working on putting all the books together. Today I worked on the tables of contents. In response to you and Lisa about the covers, I’ll see if I can put together some ideas.

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