Beautiful Birds

My old friend Anna in Tallahassee sent me this. When I was young I spent lots of time bird watching. I guess that’s why she sent me this link.

The best thing about getting old is that you can join the AARP because they’re always sending you helpful hints. I got this one today:

Pål K in Norway sent me an email about a comic in which the Pope, Mother Teresa,and Mick Jagger appeared. He was very young at the time he saw it, and he wasn’t sure if he dreamed it or it was real. Well, I don’t know. The Pope, Mother Teresa and Mick all visited Bayonne at one time or another, but I don’t think it was all at once. And Mick Jagger was Duane the Drunk’s frog. The closest I could come to it was this story from  1997…

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6 Responses to Beautiful Birds

  1. Remi says:

    I remember that one, but it wasn’t an Ernie/Piranha Club story. Rather it was about a couple that lived in an apartment building with all those celebrities. Something along those lines, it’s been a while. It appeared in a Norwegian Ernie magazine.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Right! I had forgotten all about that. I didn’t think the story was very good at the tiem

    • Pål K says:

      Thanks alot, Remi! U helped solve a comic-mystery I’ve been wondering about for years. To you Mr, Grace: The story was hillarious!!!

    • Pål Kaupang says:

      Thanks Remi!!! U helped me solve a comic-mystery I have been wondering about for years! Ant to mr Grace: The story is hillarious!!

      • budgra5_wp says:

        Of all the comic book stories I drew, I didn’t think that one was very good, There were two more that I didn’t like. When the comic book publishers asked me to do a specific theme, it never worked out good to my way of thinking. for example, once they asked me to do a story about Midsommer. I didn’t like it at all.

  2. Tommy Nyberg says:

    Be very sure to have an unused and clean sock! Otherwise it’s going to be a sort of gas-mask.

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