Speaking of Rabbis

Robert R sent me a joke today. A priest and a minister and a rabbit walk into a bar. Somebody asks the rabbit why he’s there, and the rabbit says it’s because of autocorrect. Very good. You should always check the autocheck.

But it reminded me of an old joke that I like. A priest and a minister and a rabbi are on a talk show and they’re asked “When does life begin?” The priest says “At the moment of conception.” the minister says “After the first trimester.” The rabbi says “When the kids get out of college and the dog dies.”

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2 Responses to Speaking of Rabbis

  1. Shirley Yfantis says:

    Why is it that on same days (May 28) I get the “Continue Reading ->” hyperlink and on other days (May 29,30), I don’t? To see the complete contents on days without the hyperlink, I go to the last hyperlinked date and forward below the strip at the ->.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Don’t ask me. I just work here. It’s screwy on this end too. What I have to do is set the blog to open at the current page and not the home page. That might help. I’ll do it if I can figure it out.

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