Did I miss a day?

Sometimes I hit the publish button and it doesn’t publish even though it says it did. I’m not sure yesterdays post was published. I redid it. Here’s today’s post:

First, Matti E sent me this old Larson cartoon. Really good as far as I’m concerned. Hit the nail on the head for me. I recall when I was in grad school I drew a brochure for our comprehensive party. That’s when you pass the comprehensive exams. (Guess who set the curve.) The lady secretaries in the physics department didn’t appreciate it. I drew a scantily clad nymphet gamboling through the forest.


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  1. Robert R says:

    After seeing your presentation of Ma Packer I am curious what your interpretation of a scantily clad nymphet looks like. My first impression is that it could be the artwork for a horror movie poster.

    Best regards

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