Florida, as you know, has experienced a huge spike in infections. As of this moment there are 2,856 cases in Manatee County. Our governor decided that it was time to let people go to the bars and restaurants and the beach. Now we’re paying for his irresponsible decision. Dying is a big price to pay for someone’s stupid mistake.  When I go to the grocery store I estimate that 20%-25% still aren’t wearing face masks. I’m sure these people could care less about social distancing as well. I have little respect for people who maintain such a cavalier attitude about spreading such a deadly disease.


Here’s something a little less serious:

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  1. Walter Parker says:

    I do not believe our Governor is irresponsible. When you have plenty of money you can sit at home, but when your life depends on your business and your business depends on customers it is hard to live when you are forced to close down over the flu. More people die every day of other sicknesses than this blown up hoax! We are not socialist or Marxists. I like your cartoons but I do not agree with your politics.

  2. Nosegirl says:

    Nosegirl agrees with you! Stay safe!

  3. Lisa B. says:

    The non-medical masks that most people wear, that is to say the blue ones that look as though they are made out of paper, become ineffective after 20 minutes due to the moisture droplets from the nose and mouth collecting and weakening the barrier. I have read that only medical-grade masks, the N95 ones, are effective. The use of masks in medicine came into being to stop surgeons from being splashed with blood and bodily fluids during surgery and to protect sterile fields from spit and mucous generated by the wearer , not to prevent the transmission or reception of microscopic particles. Occasionally one hears a medical talking head actually say that masks are not effective for preventing the aerosol transmission of diseases. The economy has taken a beating due to the closures and most people have been scared into staying in as much as possible. To get things moving again, people must be given hope that they can go outside safely and wearing a mask is how authorities hope to give citizens the confidence to do so. Of course those who are most vulnerable should be protected – the situation in all manner of care homes was deplorable. As for the number of cases, we are never given enough information to accurately assess the progress of the virus. How many of these cases are asymptomatic, how many have mild symptoms no worse than those of a common cold, how many need medical intervention of some sort, and how many end up hospitalized? Why did these people get tested in the first place? Because they felt sick or because they felt well but were curious to find out if they had been exposed to the virus? Rarely does one hear that the majority of cases will be either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. The UK’s chief medical officer of health is one who has actually come out and admitted that, in a press conference on May 14, I believe. There has never been a successful corona virus vaccine and it is doubtful that there will be one any time soon. This is with us forever.

  4. Chris M says:

    Lisa, thank you for interjecting some history behind the controversy.

    Not that it matters, but I personally am reconciled to fate on this rather than meddling on the part of do-gooders who would “save” us. In fact, I am watching at this minute local governments here in Colorado lining up at the trough of hand-outs. An old saying is “follow the money”.

    And it’s not yet been proven that wrecking an economy is a fair trade for “saving one life”. These are curious times, when pounding down other’s opinions, statues are threats and riots are acceptable speech.

    So, you can wear a mask if you like. Stay indoors forever, if that is your desire. It’s not for me. To each his own. We can meet on the other shore and see who was right.

    • Lisa B. says:

      I agree with you about making one’s own choice about whether or not to stay indoors or to go out, or to wear a mask or not. I was regularly going out until everything was shut down in mid-March. If I were in a category deemed vulnerable, I might very well choose to stay in. But I’m not yet in such a category and I would love to be able to go out as I once did. It’s not just the economy that’s suffering but also people who are not getting medical treatment needed due to surgery postponements, as is happening here in Canada. Cancer and heart surgeries are being postponed because they are deemed to be “elective”. One man in Canada had congestive heart failure and needed surgery – I’m not certain of the name of the surgery or the device to be implanted – but it was postponed because of this virus and he eventually died. So why was his life not worth saving? I don’t call this a “pandemic” but a “panic”. It’s not always the virus that causes problems but the reaction to it.

      • budgra5_wp says:

        You misunderstood me. I think our governor should require masks except in certain circumstances such as jogging or bike riding. When you are in somewhat close proximity to others it should be required that you use a mask. I had to go to the hardware store this morning, and there was a man in the line in front with two little boys. No masks for them.

  5. Robert R says:

    When we go out my wife and I wear a mask and a full face shield. We are very careful where we go and at what times. The current issue is real but my concern is that there appears to be some details about COVID that are still being discovered. We may be stupid but we are not damn stupid.

  6. Lisa B. says:

    I may disagree with mandatory masks but I don’t think that I am “brain dead”.

  7. Chris M says:

    I’m with Lisa on this, totally. And I’m old and somewhat impaired. But not brain-dead.

    My store was open all along. We serve fire, police and maintenance mechanics with parts they need. Bud did a cartoon for our foyer, back when he retired and I worried that he might starve. Not once did anyone EVER come in wearing a mask from any public entity. We have had a few snarky individuals. We tell them they can call on phone and we will bring the transaction out to them in their car, but we are not be wearing masks to suit them.

    Like I said, wear one if you like. You can come in without a shirt or shoes. Especially true for young women LOL But you must bring your wallet or credit card, or we will deny service. Some things are just too much!

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