Bañana Mañana

OK. It’s like the damn avocado pits. Years ago you could stick some toothpicks in it and put the bottom in a jar of water, and, voila, you’d get a beautiful avocado tree. Those days are long gone. They irradiate avacados (and bananas) these days. Just about every thing you eat these days is radioactive. (OK, not really. The radiation goes away, so they tell me.)


Pretty sexy hair, huh? And it was the best pineapple I ever ate. It turned from green to yellow overnight. Absolutely as fresh as you could ever manger. Unless you lived in Hawaii.

Now let me show you something else:

Ok, the banana doesn’t look so hot. But it makes great fertilizer. Full of phosphorus.

Turns out the strip I posted Monday wasn’t part of Grandpa Fernwilter’s teeth caper. So today here are the Friday and Saturday strips:

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  1. Nosegirl says:

    Nice Tonette!

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