Robert R sent this. And it’s my favorite animal taboot!

  By the way, do you know why a racoon washes his food? It’s because they don’t have saliva glands. At least that’s what I was told when I was young.

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3 Responses to Howdy

  1. Robert R says:

    Raccoons are very intelligent like honey badgers. They can solve sophisticated puzzles to get food. Why didn’t Spencer have a honey badger as a pet? They are more terrifying than a warthog. They will attack and eat just about anything. They could eat Effies food and like it.

  2. Nosegirl says:

    My son was making rude noises in class, too. I taught him all I knew and he took it from there, and practically belched harmonics! He also tried drinking milk through his nose during school lunch. I told him not to do that because God gave him a mouth to drink with so he would not gum up his inner head with calcium.
    I had some junior high girls making farty noises with their lips in a class that I was teaching. I knew a much more effective means of producing the sounds of fake flatulence that I learned when I was in junior high and was very tempted to share my knowledge, but I thought it best not to impart the type of information that would make me popular with the students, but not with the school administration or their parents.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      When we were kids, my big sister taught my two cousins who were my age, about 7, she taught them how to shoot birds. She drew pictures of hands shooting birds to help them if they forgot. They took the pictures to school and got busted, sent to the principals office. Their mothers had to go to school to bail them out.

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