My favorite book…

When I was a child:

I read the fables over and over. I’ll bet all of us has a favorite from when we were kids.

Whenever anyone asks me “Any questions?” I say “What’s the capital of Minnesota.

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4 Responses to My favorite book…

  1. Stewart says:

    Capital of South Dakota?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      OK, I’m thinking. I learned the capitals in fifth grade. I can remember my classmates: Freddy E (my best friend), Larry J (my other best friend) Miller H, Danny B (the heart throb for all the girls), Leland W (Whom I see quite often) Charles L, Lee M, David L, Hank L. (his mother was the teacher, a really good one), Bobby T, Bobby G, Linda B, Betty Lu B, Genevieve G, Joan R, Ann R (the tallest kid in the class), Elaine H, Doris P (The prettiest. I see her from time to time) Heck. That’s 17 out of 24. I’ll bet I could name 45 or 46 of thre capitals. And remember, Alaska and Hawaii weren’t states back then. Let’s see. Bismark was North Dakota. Helena was Montana. Carson City was Nevada. I’ll think about it and tell you tomorrow. If I can remember to tell you tomorrow.

  2. budgra5_wp says:

    Pierre? Or do I just have Pierre and Delores on my mind?

  3. Julienne says:

    OMG! I had that book when I was young. It’s wonderful. Thanks for a great memory reminder!

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