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Mike M. He spent his career at Clemson’s computer center. I used to know a lot of people like that back in the old days. He sent me some of his cartoons.

Here’s a link

I also receive cartoons from Shawn S. He’s an airline pilot, and he’s been drawing gags for a long time. I think I posted some of his stuff a year or two ago. Here’s a link

And here’s a sample:

Are you a cartoonist? Feel free to send me some samples.

Many years ago Jeff Kinney sent me some cartoons. He was obviously very good. He had been drawing for the University of MD student newspaper. I called him up and encouraged him. He was absolutely thrilled. Many years later he was giving a talk. I was in the audience, but he didn’t know that. He told the story of how he got started and how thrilled he was when I gave him personal encouragement. He’s great guy, and he deserves all the success that he’s gotten. I’m sure just about everybody knows who he is, but if there are some who don’t, he created Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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