Part 10 – You Can’t Be Too Careful…

I don’t know if this is too naughty.

Pierre and Delores practice safe sex


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2 Responses to Part 10 – You Can’t Be Too Careful…

  1. Chris M says:

    About Pierre.

    Is not Effie’s last name Munyon?

    Any relation?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      My Mother had a half-sister, Bess Munyon. She was married to a New Jersey truck farmer named Mayhew Munyon. I met her twice that I can recall, when I was a boy. She was a fantastic cook. For supper she’d serve a baked ham, chicken and dumplings, a pot roast, mashed potatoes etc. etc. and three or four desserts, all home made. Uncle Mayhew never said much. He would remind you of Percy Kilbride of Ma and Pa Kettle movies. Looked like him, too. Aunt Bess was about 22 years older than my mother. Later on she went kind of nuts and tried to kill Uncle Mayhew. They put her in a nut house. After a while they figured that she was ok. They let her out, and she tried to kill him again. They threw her back in, and when Uncle Mayhew passed away they let her out. She died not long after that. Without Uncle Mayhew around to murder, I figure she didn’t have anything left to live for.

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